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CHOOSING KAVITHA – Gold and Diamonds

There are jewellers and then there is Kavitha Gold and Diamonds. What would be the best reason for you to choose one above all the others ?

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The primary reason is of course – credibility. You want someone whom you can trust. At Kavitha Gold and Diamonds, you experience transparency in every feature, be it the information about the jewelry or its price. Our price tag will tell you all you need to know. If you wish to know more, our sales personnel are always there at your service.

We offer you a wide variety to choose from while enjoying the elegant ambience within our showroom. Varieties that suit all age-groups, communities, traditions and occasions are available right here to suit one and all.

The prices are as reasonable as you can wish for – and there are no hidden charges or crouching conditions. And we offer you the Kavitha Service Guarantee to top it all!

At Kavitha Gold and Diamonds,our gold meets the most rigorous quality standards. Our hallmarked gold jewelry is always purer than the mandated standard. Our Diamonds are certified and they also have our buy-back guaranteewhich ensures that you do not lose any money when you sell the jewelry back to us.

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We have Gold Saving Schemes that make it easy for you to buy this precious commodity. You will benefit from the advantage of having Gold credited to your account according to the prevailing price each time you make a deposit in the scheme.

Our Gold Card is a special incentive to our customers. Every purchase you make from our establishment gets you a certain number of points which you can redeem later on further purchases.

Kavitha Gold and Diamonds is open onSundays and shopping on Sundays will also get you additional benefits that you will be notified of from time to time. As on date, we have over 20,000 Gold Card holders who enjoy such benefits.

All this and more! The generation gap does not exist at all at Kavitha Gold and Diamonds. We have on offer the most trendy designs as well as traditional ornaments. Something beautiful for Mothers and something trendy for Daughters, according to their taste and the changing fashions. And Fathers and Sons have not been forgotten either. We have exciting choices for ‘men of fashion’ as well.

Everything that Kavitha Gold and Diamonds offers for sale comes with the surety that the customer gets the best quality at the most reasonable prices.