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Kavitha Jewellers has been a landmark in Ottapalam for long. Our family has been buying jewelry from you since the time you opened – forty years ago. The one thing I noticed was that your establishment always maintained the same standard of customer-friendly, honest dealings that one expects from International firms.

I am sure your new venture, Kavitha Gold and Diamonds, will maintain the same benchmark. Thank you for your excellent service. I wish your new venture the very best and hope it will be a great success.

Sunil Prabhakaran

I bought the jewels for my first daughter’s wedding from Kavitha Jewellery. I have not come across more transparent dealings anywhere – in India or in Abu Dhabi where I am working currently. Inshallah, my younger daughter’s marriage will take place soon and I shall make my purchases from your new shop, Kavitha Gold and Diamonds.

I am certain that I shall experience the same friendly atmosphere and reasonable prices as always.

Asharaf Ali

Thank you for bringing Diamonds to Ottapalam! My best wishes to Kavitha Gold and Diamonds. The prestige and reputation earned by Kavitha Jewellery over the years will only increase, I am sure. I was planning to get a diamond solitaire for my wife on the occasion of our tenth Wedding anniversary. Now I can make the purchase right here in my home town.

Joseph Chako

Why did you take so long to open your new shop? I feel certain that Kavitha Gold and Diamonds is going to be the new destination for trendy jewellery in our district. We expect the same standard of integrity and exciting designs from you as you have given us at Kavitha Jewellery all these years. All the Best Wishes for Success!

Seena Madhavan

Last Christmas, Mom and Dad got me a trendy necklace from Kavitha Jewellery, which was a rage at my college in America. Dad had recently written to say you were opening a new store, Kavitha Gold and Diamonds and he has promised me a gift from there this year. I hope it’s diamonds this time! Thanks Kavitha for being so near our home! It reminds him of getting me a gift every year.

Anna Jhon