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Kavitha Gold and Diamonds offers a wide range of products for you to choose from. We cater to all the different communities jn our state. We have traditional designs as well as modern trends. We also have designs that combine the traditional with the modern. This is our unique specialty.

Designs in jewelry differ from community to community. However, at Kavitha Gold and Diamonds, this does not mean that there is a limitation in choice, whatever be your particular community or religion. Of course, we also offer a range that is suitable for just about anyone and everyone. As such, we have a large range of products to suit each occasion.

Kavitha Gold and Diamonds also offers you unique designs to suit all age groups – for the toddler, the teenagers and the adults. We also have designs for males of all age groups.

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Modern Aura

collections for the Eternal Woman !

To suit current tastes, we offer a range of ornaments that are designed with contemporary trends in mind. Our ‘Modern Aura’ range is the result of our passion to give you the best and the latest in avant-garde styles. Here, you will find unique pieces that reflect our exclusive take on fashion along with pieces that reflect modernity.

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Wedding Special

Exclusively for those Precious Moments

Kavitha Gold and Diamonds’ Wedding Section has both traditional and modern styles to amaze you. All designed to please the discerning eye of our valued customers. You will find here the most elegant ornaments to bedeck you on that most important day.

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Golden Ecstasy

Sparkling memories that never fade !

You can choose from a wide collection of retro-styled ornaments that will evoke nostalgia in your grandparents. We also give you the more modern versions of these traditional designs. You may also choose from the latest styles we have for you – that are very different from what you have seen elsewhere !

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Young Royalty

Inimitably Irresistible !

The ‘Young Royalty’ deserves its own section. Kavitha Gold and Diamonds gives a wide choice of designs that will thrill the younger generation. Children and teen-agers have a wide range to choose from. And if you adorn your toddler with one of our jewels, be assuredthat you will get a smile of approval from the tiny one.

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Distinguished Men

Collections for Discerning Men.

Who said that real men don’t wear ornaments? From time immemorial, men have worn ornaments, from the crowns worn by gods and kings to the simple chains worn by those who prefer to make an understatement. Kavitha Gold and Diamonds offers men a vast choice of chains, bracelets, rings and other fashion accessories that are unique and exclusive.

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Taara Diamonds

Diamond collections – everlasting splendour in stone !

Sparkling like the stars in the sky, Diamonds give us an opportunity to wear a bit of that Heavenly Shimmer on our body. Diamonds are reputed to last forever on account of being the hardest substance known to man. If well cared for, there is no reason why they should not last for generations to come. They are a promise of everlasting love. At Kavitha Gold and Diamonds, we give you only the best, to suit your pockets.

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Destiny’s child

Gems that add colour and bring fortune !

Gems add colour to jewels. They are as precious as they are attractive. Your birthstone is said to bring you good fortune and happiness.Let the gems collection at Kavitha Gold and Diamonds bring you fortune and happiness with every purchase.

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Pearls as precious as treasure !

From the ocean’s depths come exquisite pearls. Are they the tears of stars or are they the hidden poems of the earth? Whatever they are, pearls will always fascinate mankind. Come check out the pearls collection at Kavitha Gold and Diamonds. You won’t be disappointed !