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We have a dream – a modest dream

We dream of growing to serve you, our Valued Customers. We have a dream of never compromising on the values that have made us a household name among our customers – one they regard as a trusted friend.

Leading jewelers In Valanchery

Honesty and openness will never go out of fashion. This is our Vision and we shall never forget it as we expand our business.

We are aware of our responsibility to society that has given us so much. We have plans to do more for society, to do more for the vulnerable and underprivileged. We will increase our social activities and do it silently as we have always done. This is our Mission and it will grow as we expand.

Directore's Communication

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Dear Valued Customer ,

I am writingthis message to tell you that while everything has changed, nothing has changed in reality. We still give you the same friendly service, the friendly service of a trusted friend.

Expansion for the sake of expansion has never been our aim. Our new showroom is meant for you, to make things more convenient for you.

You will always receive the open, honest and reasonably priced deals that you have come to expect from us. This is our solemn covenant with you!

I end this short message by adding that we at Kavitha Gold and Diamonds enjoy doing business with you. We regard you as our Valued Friend and find as much enjoyment in your company as we do in your beliefs and trust in us !.