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You have already heard a great deal about 916 gold. It is no great mystery. The figures mean that the gold is 91.6% pure. Purity of Gold is expressed in karats. 24 karat gold is pure gold. But Gold is a very soft metal and pure gold will not be able to retain its shape for long.

To give the soft metal strength, it is alloyed with other harder metals, usually copper. The purity varies according to the proportion of copper added. 22 karat gold is 91.6% gold and 8.4% copper or any other metal that is added. Most reputed hallmarking firms require a purity of at least 92% from jewellers to ensure that there is no error. Most reputed jewellers err because they are cautious and in order to ensure greater purity. Kavitha Gold and Diamonds makes sure you get more than 916% purity, because we want you to have the best.

Gold even after alloying to 22 Karat is not very hard. Do not wear non essential gold jewelry when engaged in activities that may cause damage by abrasion or scratching. Do not wear gold ornaments when bathing or having a wash. Soap can cause the jewelry to look dull and lifeless. Do make sure that your ornaments are stored in a clean and dry place. Make sure they do not get damaged by rubbing against each other. Care for your Gold jewelry and they will justify their Latin name – ‘Aurum’ which means shining dawn till the end of time.

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Diamond is the hardest substance on earth. It is so hard you cannot even scratch a diamond except with another one. Diamonds are the most precious of gems and hence their value. Kavitha Gold and Diamonds brings this precious stone to your hometown for the first time.

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The quality and value of diamonds are determined by the 4 C :

There is one more ‘C’ that helps determine the worth of a diamond. That is Certification. Quite like the hallmark on Gold Jewelry, a diamond is certified by an authorised body. Since judging a Diamond is very difficult, it is best to depend on the Certification and on the reputation of the jeweller you are buying from. Trust and transparency are vital in this regard.

Unlike Gold, Diamonds are not considered an investment today. It is here that your jeweller plays a vital role. We buy back Diamonds purchased from Kavitha Gold and Diamonds at the price you paid, ensuring that you lose no money. An interesting fact is that while Karat refers to purity of Gold, Carat refers to the weight of Diamonds. 1 carat is approximately equal to 200 mg.

Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth, but they can be damaged. So take care of your jewelry. Remove your jewelry before you do any kind of physical work.

Despite its hardness, diamonds can be chipped on sharp impact. Do not allow your diamonds to come in contact with any potentially corrosive material, like detergents, cleaning liquids, polishes or household bleaches. Those that do not harm the Diamonds may still cause damage to the setting. Take care of your Diamonds and they will last forever !.