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The Biggest Jewellery in Palakkad

Kavitha Gold and Diamonds has something for everyone. Something special, something that is meant just for you, spread across the vast floor space with its elegant decorand pleasant ambience.

best gold jewellery in Palakkad

The different sections offer diverse varieties that blend aesthetics with reasonably priced works of artistic splendour. We are able to keep our pricesreasonable because our making charges are moderate. And you will find our staff ever ready to help so that you will leave our premises satisfied and return with pleasure for more.

There is something here for everyone and every occasion; whether you are looking to make purchases for a wedding, or any other auspicious occasion; whether you are looking for a gift for someone dear; oryou want to buy something for a modern teenager or if you want something precious for your precious bundle of joy, Kavitha Gold and Diamonds has just what you are looking for – and a wide variety to choose from too.

Even if you are buying it just to hoard it away as an investment, you will not be able to resist wearing it.
Ottapalam is not a huge city. But its people are as large hearted as the residents of any large city. That is why we have brought ‘Diamonds’ to our hometown, Ottapalam. Kavitha Gold and Diamonds presents Ottapalam,for the first time,with a varied and exclusive certified collection of the precious stone with a flame in its heart.

The value of Gold is going up every day. A customer needs an insurance against this alarming trend. The gold schemes offered by Kavitha Gold and Diamonds will help you survive this alarming situation. We have a scheme that you will agree is made just for you.All this under one roof too!

Moreover, no city has worse traffic snarls and dearth of parking space than little Ottapalam.Our customerswill berelieved to know that Kavitha Gold and Diamonds has provided ample parking space at its new showroom to make your shopping experiencean enjoyable one.